Managing the digital document landfill: Increasing security rigor without sacrificing information readiness

As document repositories increase in size – whether in file shares, SharePoint, or other content management platforms – federal, state, and local governments continue to struggle with document management. This is due to a number of issues including:
• Applying classification policies and metadata tags to new documents is tedious
• Collaborating with external agencies is often blocked, forcing staff to revert to risky consumer-sharing methods
• Users struggle finding the content that matters most to them, causing the content to be recreated or the need ignored
• Security and privacy officers are often unaware, understaffed, or unprepared to help fix the growing digital landfill.
But the future needn’t be this dark. Join AvePoint Public Sector, is an independent subsidiary of AvePoint Inc., the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices , for an insightful and innovative look into automating, securely sharing, and trusting the document stores that can increase your security rigor, as well as improve information readiness and efficiency.