Data Security and Cybersecurity—Why BOTH are Essential for NextGen InfoSec

Topic one in the Federal Government this summer has been the OPM data breaches that resulted in the compromise of personally identifiable information of more than 20 million current, former, and prospective Federal employees and many industry partners. Following the OMB’s 30-day Cybersecurity Sprint conducted this summer to identify further agency vulnerabilities, the conversation has shifted to aggressive detection and prevention of potential future attacks on agency information resources. Traditional solutions in response to the growing threat environment are no longer enough. Agency professionals must deploy new strategies to complement and strengthen current cyber initiatives, but how? Join this boardroom briefing to learn how to enhance cybersecurity profiles with robust data security, and how to get started. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the exponential improvement that is possible for agency cyber situational awareness by focusing on data hygiene, broader data encryption, and by relying on methods to use all of their available data and analytics to draw insights, identify anomalous behaviors, and predict risk across their complex operating environments.