Yesterday’s Tools Can’t Fix Today’s Cyber Security Problems

Government security teams are tasked with the intimidating challenge of combating increasingly elusive and erratic cyber attackers across expansive and complex information technology (IT) environments. With the proliferation of cloud computing, virtualization and mobility, there are now more endpoints – potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions – to keep track of, manage and patch than ever before. Preventative solutions that have worked in the past no longer adequately protect against today’s rapidly advancing cyber threats. Therefore it is important to know what is happening on your endpoints in seconds, and subsequently be able to take action immediately. The simplest questions are often the hardest to answer:
• Do you know how many computers are on your Network?
• Do you know what processes are running and who is running them?
• Are you advised of the latest threats but have no timeous manner of finind out whether you are in the clear or in the sights of the enemy?
• When you find them how long does it take your agency / department to respond?