The Immune System for The Internet: Cyber Security is not possible without Keys and Certificates

In construction, nothing else matters if the foundation is not sound. Venafiprotectsand maintains the foundation of all Cybersecurity—cryptographic keys and digital certificates. Key and Certificate management is central to Federal IT standards as well with 7 of 9 FIPS standard from NIST CSD are directly related to keys and certificates.

A basic Cyber security maxim is you can’t secure what you don’t know.The Venafi Trust Protection Platform automates the discovery, inventory, and management of your existing keys and certificates. Venafi continuously assesses which SSL/TLS, SSH, WiFi, VPN and mobile keys and certificates are trusted, protects those trusted, and fixes or blocks those that are not. Venafi solves the recurrent errors and vulnerabilities inherent in managing keys and certificates manually with spreadsheets or piecemeal vendor solutions. Further, Venafi addresses important aspects of the new FISMA requirements such as automated advance delineation of risks and continuous monitoring.The Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ protects keys and certificates and eliminates blind spots from threats hidden in encrypted traffic. Venafi customers include security conscious government agencies as well as hundreds of the Global 5000 commercial companies and 4 of the 5 largest US banks.