A Data-Centric Approach to Security

As we make our way into 2016, data security on a federal level will continue to be a concern. From legislation to military initiatives, the government must be up to the task to amplify efforts to protect our nation’s data from both insider threats and nation-state attacks. For too long the focus has been on defending network boundaries and end points from intrusion. In tandem with the increased cyber security risk from adversaries, is the adoption of Mobile technologies, Cloud and SaaS solutions that make the network edge harder to identify and harder to protect. Agencies are left struggling with how to secure environments where classified data resides on multiple cloud instances, alongside non-classified data that is accessible by multiple tenants. During this boardroom session we will discuss a data-centric approach security. By employing innovative encryption and key management tactics the data owners, not administrators, determine access protocols and privileges for their critical assets.